Fight for Open & Honest Government that Stops a Culture of Corruption

As a Kentuckian, you have a right to know what your elected officials are up to. With each piece of legislation, there is room for better transparency and more accountable leadership. By allowing the public to have a better understanding of what goes on in Frankfort, we encourage a more honest and open relationship between the people and their state. I hope that while I promote open leadership, you will keep an eye on my race and get involved in my campaign in whatever capacity you can.

100% Pro-Life

As a proud father of twin boys, I cannot look into the eyes of my children and fathom supporting abortion. My Catholic faith stresses the fact that life is God’s precious gift to us. I will always defend the family values that our communities hold dear, including supporting policies that affirm the sanctity of life for unborn children. Further, I will stand up to those who would have us taxpayers pay for organizations that offer abortions.  Our Kentuckians should not be required to fund such organizations.

Promote Economic Development that Works for Our District

As a small business owner, I can personally speak to the daily effort that goes into sustaining a competitive business. This is a key issue for our community. As your representative, I will bring fresh ideas to Frankfort that stimulate job creation and lasting economic growth. We need to work to make sure economic opportunity is coming to Nelson County, and stop jobs from going to adjacent counties instead. Infrastructure improvements are part of this solution. When we make Nelson more accessible, we will become more desirable to outside businesses looking to expand.

Help to Find Solutions to the Pension Crisis & Protect Our Teachers

The previous governor failed to address this pension problem and nothing was done while our Kentucky families grew ever closer to devastating tax increases and a bankrupt state. Far too long the obligation to the pension system has been de-prioritized and underfunded, leaving our teachers worried about their future investments. As a part-time adjunct professor of law at a local college, I have heard your worries and I will be your voice on this issue.  I will work hard to achieve a solution that protects our citizens’ hard earned investments.

Make Sure Frankfort is Accountable to the People

Kentucky cannot tax, borrow, or spend its way to prosperity. Taxes should be low and the system should be fair. I am committed to fighting stifling policies for you and your loved ones, making sure that Frankfort is accountable to the people they represent. The right way to spur the economy is putting more in families’ pockets and less in Frankfort’s tax ledger.

Our current state government is full of special interest groups and lobbyists that have too much influence. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) blatant overreach has been denounced by members of both parties in Frankfort. It is time we looked for a new, more conservative, majority in Frankfort to fight back against government overreach and offer up new options for our communities.

Protect our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms

Part of President Obama’s forced legacy is to take our guns and implement sweeping and ineffective gun control. Here in Kentucky, gun ownership and stewardship is just a way of life.

There are protections provided by the Second Amendment even more sacred than the right to hunt or to shoot sporting clays. The Second Amendment provides invasion protection, facilitating a natural right to self-defense. The right to defend your family and yourself is the most important reason to continue to support gun owner rights. Support my campaign and together we will work to secure our rights to defend our families, defend ourselves, hunt, or engage in sport shooting.

Protect the Bill of Rights

Our founding fathers, both at the national level and here in our great Commonwealth, fought against the tyranny of an overreaching, centralized government.  They knew that a government that governs the least governs the best.  To ensure the preservation of those principals, our founding fathers added the Bill of Rights to our constitutions.  The Bill of Rights is our protection against the government that guarantees our rights and individual liberties – allows us to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  So much of the common sense and wisdom of our forefathers contained in those amendments has been lost and I will work hard to protect them, even when special interest groups disagree.

Support my campaign and together we will work to preserve our rights!